The problem in the cannabis industry

Cannabis legalisation is moving around the world at a rapid rate. But there is a major problem with most current seed-to-sale tracking systems.

Not only do current systems regularly encounter problems that can shut down the entire cannabis supply chain and stop patients from accessing medicine but they provide little value to cannabis businesses while costing them time and money to maintain in order to demonstrate compliance.

Parsl is simple to use smart-packaging technology that will fix everything that is broken in the cannabis industry.

A Parsl tag starts right at the beginning

The Parsl journey starts when the cannabis seeds are first planted.

The tag will track exposure to heat, UV rays and other environmental elements and all information is stored on the tag up to and including harvest.

But that is just the start of what this tag can track

The tag goes with the cannabis to the lab to record all testing data.

It follows the cannabis into any manufacturing factory to turn it into oils, tinctures and other cannabis products.

And then onto the packaging the product will be sold in.

And all this information is linked to an individual products history

Thanks to Parsl’s tag this cannabis package now has a secure database of information all about the product inside it.

This means if the package is ever in anyway tampered with, it will be recorded to the tag even if it is professionally resealed

A full lifecycle record for the cannabis industry

 A Parsl tag doesn’t just track what’s in a product it tracks where its been.

Whenever something is passed down the supply-chain it is scanned and recorded. Each stage of transfer is completed via a secure transfer that has to be verified by both parties.

And each scan can be done with the touch of a smartphone.

All of the above is collected and recorded using blockchain technology

This allows for the whole system to be run in a way that the information is not in the control of any one organisation, combating a single-point of failure problem

It also means that no information written to the blockchain can ever be changed meaning no actors in the supply-chain can cover-up any bad behaviour

And finally it allows all the information to be transparent to keep everyone accountable for how they act within the supply-chain

One little tag can have a big impact

With all that information at its disposal this little tag can be a powerful influence in the cannabis industry.

It can automate the compliance process, pay cannabis related taxes in real time, educate consumers on the products they are buying, give businesses data to make smarter business decisions and much much more.

Parsl is a cannabis seed-to-sale system that is focusing on bringing value to the industry