Official Parsl SEED OTC Process

Over the last few months we have had a few SEED holders that have wanted to make large purchases of SEED. The benefit of doing this is that a buyer can lock in a price for the entire volume of SEED that will provide better value than if they were to buy it all on …

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Cryptocurrency EOS

The trading competition has been delayed

*Postponed until further notice* Due to some issues regarding tracking the competition metrics Parsl has decided to postpone the trading competition until further notice. ————————————————————————————— Previously posted on 03/07/2019 In some exciting news in the world of EOS,, the first trustless exchange in the EOS ecosystem, is launching today. To celebrate the launch, Parsl …

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Cannabis Regulation

The Sorry Story of Cannabis Tracking in America

Tracking cannabis products is one the biggest logistical issues that has come with the legalisation of cannabis in the United States. On one hand, governments want to provide a safe ecosystem for their constituents and stamp out criminal activity . On the other hand, the tracking and recording of every transaction involving cannabis products, with …

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