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15 Nov
Catching you up with everything that has happened in cannabis this week

Drake launches cannabis brand, More Life Growth Company  Rapper Drake recently announced that he will be partnering with Toronto’s Canopy Growth Corporation to release More Life Growth Company. More Life will be “centered around wellness, discovery, and overall personal growth with the hope of facilitating connections and shared experiences across the globe,” according to company...

15 Nov
Cannabis legalization in Mexico: What is the latest?

The fate of cannabis legalization in Mexico has missed its October deadline and has been put on hold for a later date.  Cannabis was set to be legalized in Mexico by the end of October, according to Marijuana Moment, the Senate leader of Mexico’s ruling party said that the lawmakers should have voted on a...

7 Nov
How the Stigma Surrounding Cannabis Will Soon be a Thing of The Past

From the very moment we are born we’re slowly injected with societies views and values. We are brought up to think a certain way, dress a certain way and conform to the many expectations placed on us.  Sometimes these views are universal and are found in most cultures throughout history, others are very much of...

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31 Oct
What our president in North America has been up to

While out core team is working to bring the Parsl product to market, our president in North America, Mark Crandell, has been quite busy over recent weeks making connections and meeting with important figures to let Parsl hit the ground running when we officially launch.  Meeting with the Nevada State Treasurer for the “Closed-Loop Marijuana...

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29 Oct
Parsl’s current position on account recovery

Parsl believes very strongly in protecting our users as much as possible.  This has always been a part of our business outlook. Giving users protection online often involves a balance between privacy and security and this balance is made more complicated by the new paradigms offered by blockchain technology.  Parsl chose the EOSIO framework to...

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21 Oct
What is the current state of cannabis in Australia?

The Australian cannabis industry is still in its infancy.  Though cannabis was legalized for medicinal use in 2016, regulations are so strict that few people know about it and those that do struggle to qualify.  However, with political parties and members of the public advocating for its legalization, the Australian Capital Territory voting to legalize cannabis for personal use...

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14 Oct
THC vaping outbreak – The deadly consequences of an unregulated market

26 people have now lost their lives to a mysterious illness caused by the use of e-Cigarettes.  The CDC has confirmed that there have now been 1,299 lung injuries associated with using e-cigarette, or vaping, products with no sign of decline.  Another key aspect of the outbreak is that many of the cases involve vaping products that contain THC....

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11 Oct
Parsl Speaks with Quantum Chemist, Keeper Layne Sharkey

Earlier in the year our CEO, Dr. Isaac Balbin, was involved in a discussion on Linkedin with technical expert, Andy Hospodor, regarding the potential threat Quantum Computing could have on blockchain technology. Andy was reluctant to believe blockchain would be protected from the likes of Quantum Computing until Isaac convinced him otherwise.  This small discussion eventually led...

10 Oct
Parsl Attends the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston!

Parsl recently attended the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts to speak all things quantum computing.  Now, some of you may be wondering what this actually has to do with Parsl and our technology. Well, because Parsl utilizes blockchain technology, it could have a lot to do with not only our technology but also the...

cannabis regulations - why are they important?
2 Oct
6 reasons why cannabis regulations are more than just government control

Government and cannabis have never had the most comfortable of relationships in modern times So it isn’t that surprising that some of those that have been passionate about cannabis for a long time are skeptical about their government’s role in regulating the plant they have been using for years without interference. When we announced we...