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The trading competition has been delayed

*Postponed until further notice*

Due to some issues regarding tracking the competition metrics Parsl has decided to postpone the trading competition until further notice.


Previously posted on 03/07/2019

In some exciting news in the world of EOS,, the first trustless exchange in the EOS ecosystem, is launching today.

To celebrate the launch, Parsl has partnered with to run a week long trading competition with a total prize pool of 6 million SEED tokens.

The competition will run from 2nd July to 9th July GMT. You can sign up for the competition with this link.

The rules of the competition will be as follows:

  1. The highest priced BUY order filled will win first prize in the competition and receive 2,000,000 SEED. In this instance it is the Buyer that is the prize winner. If multiple accounts buy at the highest price the first account to buy at that price will be the winner.
  2. The largest single BUY order by volume will win second prize and be awarded 1,000,000 SEED. The size of the BUY order will be measured in EOS. Again the Buyer will be the prize winner. If multiple buy orders of the same volume are made the first trade completed will be the prize winner.
  3. There will then be a further 25 prizes to share the remaining 3,000,000 SEED prize pool that will start with 500,000 SEED and decrease from there. These prizes will be based on the highest total volume traded within the dates of the competition.

Parsl and both reserve the right to stop or change the competition at any time for any reason and have the final say on the result and ultimately the prize winners. 

Follow the competition live on our Twitter (Parsl and and Telegram accounts (Parsl and and find out more about EOS here.

Happy trading!