How innovation can help shape the climate of the future

The global climate strike took place last Friday, hundreds of thousands of school strikers were  joined by workers to protest the lack of climate action across the globe.  Parsl fully supports this movement, we believe that the climate emergency needs to be addressed by those in power before detrimental and irreversible damage is placed on …

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Company News

Parsl Takes on America: An Update From the CEO

After another successful trip across America for the Parsl team, expect to see some very exciting announcements and content coming your way! We left feeling incredibly inspired by the connections we made with innovative figures in the industry and are excited to share these with you in the near future. We also attended some pretty …

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The Lack of Research and Education on Medicinal Cannabis is Holding Back the Industry From Helping Those in Need of the Medicine

We’ve all heard the miracle stories that have come from the use of medicinal cannabis. Whether its cancer patients using extracts from the plant to aid their treatment, epilepsy sufferers utilizing it as a remedy for their seizures or palliative care patients completely transforming their quality of life, so many people can thank this humble …

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The many uses of Hemp
Cannabis Hemp

14 Ways You Can Eat, Drink, Wear and Use Hemp

From soap to clothing to fuel, the history of hemp as an agricultural crop dates back 10,000 years, giving it a potential claim as the earliest plant to ever be cultivated. While it might seem like a niche crop in the modern day, it has been used for a huge variety of purposes in cultures …

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Official Parsl SEED OTC Process

Over the last few months we have had a few SEED holders that have wanted to make large purchases of SEED. The benefit of doing this is that a buyer can lock in a price for the entire volume of SEED that will provide better value than if they were to buy it all on …

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