Jobs at Parsl

At Parsl, we believe in giving power back to the Cannabis ecosystem by developing Supply Chain technology which enables provenance on all products. By allowing all Parsl team members the chance to thrive in there role, we enable and power free thought to grow in your role at Parsl!


EOS Developer

As an EOS Developer, you understand what it takes to utilise the benefits of a blockchain and link that back into the real world!


Cannabis Researcher

With fragmented legislation and legalisation across the world, you’d be well versed across the industry and staying up to date with all things Cannabis!


Community Advocate

With communities across Cannabis and EOS, ideally you would be in the middle of that and familiar with both!


UX/UI Designer

Seeking an experiences UX/UI Designer that can help create the user flows through multiple appication types and platforms.


Intern at Parsl

Trying different things in the world and always talking about the promising future we have coming! Being worried about criticism is no issue and we want to hear some back in your journey of growth.