The Parsl Team

Dr. Isaac Balbin

Chief Executive Officer

Isaac Balbin is a PhD graduate professional electrical engineer, and a successful startup entrepreneur.

During his prolific career, Isaac has developed numerous unique RFID tag technologies, filed multiple successful technology patents - and has sold a startup he founded to an ASX listed company.

Isaac’s journey has been defined by his focus and in-depth understanding of technology. This has lead him to excel in both the role of the technological visionary, and the commercial entrepreneur - driven to see his vision made real.

Zachary Lang

Chief Operating Officer

Zachary is a serial entrepreneur with international experience in leading people, teams and companies to success across a broad range of industries. Zachary has worked with several businesses as an operations manager in the FMCG, Hospitality and Technology sectors.

Zachary has a strong track record of creative and successful marketing campaigns, targeting both consumers and businesses. Zachary's customer-centric mentality, coupled with his leadership and communication skills make him the perfect person to join the Parsl team and drive the business towards success.

Nathan Rempel

Chief Technology Officer

Nathan is an electrical engineer and project manager with experience in designing, managing, and overseeing the delivery or construction of complex, high visibility projects.

Passionate about problem solving and creating solutions for unique challenges, with a focus on quality of work and risk management.

Over the 3 years and several large projects he has established himself as one of the world’s leading blockchain developers.

James Feeney

Chief Cryptocurrency Officer

James is an entrepreneur, futurist, and all about disruptive technology. Similar to a lot of critical thinkers, cryptocurrency and specifically Blockchain technology started as a passion for James. However, it has now driven him to become a specialist in Blockchain technology in addition to cryptocurrency strategy and implementation.

Alexander Dance

Chief Marketing Officer

Alexander has worked in marketing and content creation for 6 years with a strong focus in the digital space.

He has a strong grounding across all marketing channels with a specific focus in SEO, copywriting, video, conversion optimisation and design.

He is passionate about evidence-based marketing.

Mark Crandell

President in North America

Mark is the managing partner of MJ Strategies, a leader in the consumer technology industry and has more than 25 years experience when it comes to revenue growth. He has developed go-to market strategies as an executive with Sony, TiVo and Sonos.

Hugh Stackpool

Chief Financial Officer

Hugh was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan in the equities division, having previously worked at Royal Bank of Canada and Bamford Partners.

Hugh has sector experience in mining, energy, technology and agribusiness.

He is chapter executive of Australia for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Institute and holds a bachelor of commerce from the University of Sydney.

Andrew De Angelis

Head of Creative

With over 10 years in the digital creative space, Andrew's vision has always been clear: to service his clients to the best of his abilities and always deliver more than expected.

He has worked with large companies such as La Porchetta, Qantas and has led companies to successful marketing campaigns on all platforms bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.

Madison Ali

Content Creation

Madison comes from a background in communication. She studied Creative Advertising at RMIT where she realised her passion for content creation and creative writing. She is passionate about turning technical information into approachable and enjoyable content.

Outside of work, you will find Madison in a luscious garden or buying new house plants.

Atharva Desai

Business Analyst

Atharva joined Parsl as a Research Analyst Intern, earlier in 2019 and has now joined the team full-time as a Business Analyst. He will be responsible for formulating business requirements, functional system specifications for the Parsl platform. He will also be acting as a central reference between Parsl’s business and technology units.

Jonathan Balbin

Systems Analyst

Jonathan is a business specialist with years of experience in the manufacturing industry. In that time, Jonathan gained experience in a number of different fields including; project management, team leading, operations, shipping, machine operating and inventory control.

Jonthan has a keen interest in the constantly evolving cannabis industry worldwide and is excited to apply his experience and knowledge to the Parsl platform.

Ellie Manor

Technical Supervisor

Throughout her career, Ellie has gained experience working in companies within differing industries including packaging, resource-recovery and GIS (Geographical Information Systems). She has a wide-ranging professional experience and skills including data analysis, deep knowledge of customer relations and an ability to provide technological solutions that maximise business efficiency and reduce costs

Ashleigh Dyer

Public Relations

Ashleigh has worked in public relations for more than 6 years and in that time has helped launch some amazing businesses, big and small, to market

Daniel Ruvins

Community Management

Daniel is a student at the University of Miami with a major in Economics. Concurrently, he is the founder of Ruvins Community Management which has serviced multiple companies in the blockchain space since 2017. His clients include Bitsdaq, eSports Ecosystem, Starteos, Givit, and more.