The Users

Parsl provides smart packaging and supply chain tracking.



The Parsl platform will technologically coordinate harvest information, packaging, lab test data, product information and sales into a unified workflow. It will also afford growers access to new marketing opportunities as well as simplified compliance reporting, allowing them to focus on what they do best - growing.



Parsl helps businesses that convert raw cannabis into value added products to manage their business operating requirements. Additionally, Parsl provides analytics to illuminate the performance of their suppliers and the sentiment of their end users - all via a trusted blockchain backed dataset, which can then be turned into actionable information for processors. Parsl’s marketing platform allows processors access to a new and unique marketing channel via smartpackaging.



Parsl's ITHACA platform removes much of the data storage requirement needed by distributors to manage their inventory levels and business activity.



The ITHACA platforms allows for any licensed transporter of cannabis, whether an employee or sub-contractor or independent operator, to operate safely while on consignment by providing secure methods of picking up and dropping off products cashlessly. Monitoring and feedback systems ensure drivers operate in a legal and ethical manner.



Parsl will improve the efficiency and increase the security of the day-to-day business functions of dispensaries. Swift stocktaking can be monitored in real time, compliance reports can be simplified, cashless transactions increase security and smart packaging ensures secure handovers - just to name a few benefits.



Parsl will revolutionize the way in which end users experience cannabis. Product information such as provenance and quality are linked directly to the product purchased. Exciting features such as cashless cannabis, AI virtual budtenders, voice-only operation and product recommendations are just some of Parsl’s offering to the end user’s experience.



Cannabis related research requires a solid set of data on the effect of cannabis products on people. Parsl’s ITHACA blockchain will store more than 400 types of compounds on each cannabis item in the market, including cannabinoids and terpenes etc. Further, the ITHACA platform will enable researchers to run clinical trials in a way that data is non-corruptible and easily shareable and able to be combined with other relevant datasets.


Law Enforcement

Parsl's packaging and software has in built measures to ensure law enforcement agencies are alerted to any suspicious or illegal behaviours. This will allow officers of the law to quickly and seamlessly identify individuals and investigate their activity, taking out the guesswork and avoiding problematic confrontations with innocent citizens.



The ITHACA blockchain allows regulators to audit and analyse the industry in real-time, with full historical data stored safely in the blockchain. Further, Parsl will assist with the calculation and transfer of tax payments as well as allowing the public access to aggregated and anonymised data on how the industry is progressing.