Why EOS?

Designed for enterprise scale projects

EOS has built a solution that was designed to support projects that actually want to be deployed on an enterprise scale in the real world.

The EOS governance model allows for the free and fair operation of the platform, so that Parsl can safely rely on its continued operation without fear of corruption and the problems that have plagued other blockchain networks.

This ensures that Parsl can protect users and provide a safe, smooth and aesthetically pleasing user experience whilst maintaining the level of security that Parsl requires to interact confidently with any third party involved in the Cannabis Industry, such as cannabis regulators and governments.

EOS smart contracts are written on C++ and ultimately compiled on WebAssembly for ease of deployment, The robust nature of C++ and its active community coupled with the transactional speeds already achieved make EOS the best choice for Parsl to build our ITHACA eco-system.